I made Toucan Santa Cards, And Only Cut Myself Once.

Lisa Martens
2 min readNov 1, 2023
I know this toucan; he’s chill.

First, I took a class at a local art house, and I chose to make a traditional Costa Rican wheel:

Then, I had the brilliant idea to carve some of my grandma’s chickens:

I was planning on using acrylic paint, but honestly, ink was working for me.

So I decided to carve a local toucan…and with the holiday season, decided to give him a hat:

I actually know this toucan personally; he lives nearby.

After visiting a ton of print shops and getting samples, I decided a square card would look best.

And here we are:

For sale on Zazzle.

I also created another toucan who is facing the other way:

For sale on Zazzle also!

Click this link to brown toucan Santa.
Click this l
ink for black toucan Santa.

Hopefully you enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed making them. I know this isn’t my usual content, but hey! At least you know these weren’t made with AI. I really carved the hell out of those leaves.

That was the hardest part, and when I cut myself:

I’ve never used Zazzle before to sell, so if you have any trouble, email me: lisa.snetram@gmail.com.

If this goes well, I’m thinking of macaws for Valentine’s Day, and a sloth with a boom box for people who love festival season. Macaws mate for life, and are commonly seen flying in pairs!

Pura Vida ❤



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