A Tired, Grateful Appreciation Post.

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Lisa Martens
2 min readFeb 5, 2022
Me, 18, next to my book at St. Mark’s. It’s the thin green and white one next to “Life of Pi”…a much better book. 2007.

I had a bot add MySpace friends when I promoted my first book at 16. It was self-published and I made probably a couple hundred bucks. I was super proud of placing my book in the now-defunct St. Mark’s Bookshop on St. Mark’s in New York City.

I also really loved Porcelain Black, then-known as Porcelain and the Tramps.

That was my start as a writer.

I haveeeeee written a lot since then, and been rejected a lot since then, and I just keep on trying.

It looks like I’m going to hit 5K followers. I have been earning some pocket change on Medium for the past three years.

I’ve started so many accounts, from Xanga to MySpace to Facebook Notes to Tumblr to Wordpress to LiveJournal to…I’m probably forgetting a lot. I’ve tried traditional and self-publishing.

And for some reason, no clue why, I kept on going. I mean, it was really against all logic.

But this is the most success I’ve ever had with writing. I know I don’t reply to many comments, and that’s actually because I’m trying to avoid negative comments, but I realize that might be at the expense of having some great conversations, so I will work on that next.

Thank you, all of my readers!

You’ve made teenage Lisa and 33-year-old Lisa very, very happy.



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