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Dangerous assumptions while talking to a Latina

“Your English is so good! Where did you learn English?”

Yes, most of them assume English is not my first language, and are shocked when I can speak. They can’t help but compliment me…even though, like them, I’m American.

These days, I just reply, “I learned English from Tupac and Biggie.”

News flash—Americans of all colors, ages, sizes, and genders…

When you deny reality because you want to be loved.

There’s a particular person I know who literally does not want their children to succeed. In fact, they delight in their failures — failed jobs, failed relationships, unexpected pregnancies, when their kids have any health problems — they fuckin’ delight in it.

Does that seem crazy? Of course it does…

I’ve learned what NFTs are and I’m talking to chickens.

Hey, there are worse things.

I’m on Day…8? 7? I don’t know how to count. Of my mandated quarantine in Costa Rica.

I tested positive just over a week ago as I was trying to leave the country, and by Costa Rican law, I have to quarantine for 10 days

Lisa Martens

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