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Dangerous assumptions while talking to a Latina

“Your English is so good! Where did you learn English?”

Yes, most of them assume English is not my first language, and are shocked when I can speak. They can’t help but compliment me…even though, like them, I’m American.

These days, I just reply, “I learned English from Tupac and Biggie.”

News flash—Americans of all colors, ages, sizes, and genders…

What does it look like when the government DENIES Covid?

In Nicaragua, masks were never required. The vaccine is not required. In fact, in a time when most countries were canceling public events, the government was sponsoring them.

And recently, a Telegraph article revealed that doctors are being punished for even acknowledging Covid exists.

I hesitated to write this article…

They were out of touch but entertaining before.

Yesterday, I had to unfollow another formerly positive Instagram account for touting conspiracy theories.

Look, the spiritual, positive community was always out of touch. I always found them out of touch with my personal experiences. But it was like…happy candy. It was like how Friends never mentioned 9/11. …

After the ups and downs, there’s crushing silence.

Once you get away, there’s definitely a relief.

You’ve escaped the potential violence. Maybe you’ve even moved. Maybe you’ve deleted all social media and even refuse to have food delivered. You’re safe. You’re free.

There’s a relief that gives way to fear when the sun goes down. Maybe they will…

Lisa Martens

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